Why should teeth be replaced

There are several possible unfavourable consequences from loss of teeth without replacement:

  • Drifting of adjacent teeth: when there is a missing gap, opposing teeth may over-erupt adjacent teeth drif into the empty spaces resulting in food trapping and possible decay
  • Difficulty of chewing : missing teeth causes issues in chewing that could possibly result in indigestion
  • Poor appearance & bone loss: loss of youthful and facial structure appearance due to bone resorption
  • Loss of lip support
  • Poor speech : difficulty in speaking specially if front teeth is missing

Missing teeth replacement options

The most common treatment options in replacing missing teeth are :

Dental implants

Dental Bridge


Although traditional replacement alternatives can work well, for some patients they may not be the best option. Some patients are unable to fully adapt to partial or complete dentures relative to dentures, resulting in loose denture teeth, with associated discomfort, difficulty with chewing and speech problems. Bridgework relative to dentures often involves preparation of the adjacent natural teeth, in order to support the missing teeth. Implantology was first practised around 50 years ago and is now a well developed and predictable dental technique with high levels of success. Tooth implant treatment is now regarded as the gold standard for replacing a missing tooth or teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • dental implants provide a longer-term solution
  • dental implants slow down bone loss and preserve nearby healthy tooth tissue
  • dental implants looks and feels smiliar to natural teeth
  • dental implants will not decay, fracture or foster gum disease
  • dental implants can replace one or a series of lost teeth
  • teeth implants are strong and able to perform the same functions as a natural tooth
  • teeth implants improve confidence and quality of life
  • teeth implants greatly enhanced function, such as chewing and biting
  • teeth implants improved appearance

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