What are dentures

Dentures are removal dental appliances with artifical teeth. There are basically 2 types of dentures:

  1. Partial dentures : fits around your remaining, healthy teeth. Partial dentures usually have artificial teeth and gum, connected by a metal framework that are usually held in place by clasps to natural teeth.
  2. Complete dentures : can be used to all upper teeth, all lower teeth or both. Complete dentures consist of artificial teeth and gums and rest directly on your gums.
  3. Overdentures : fit over your remaining teeth or dental implants. Teeth or implants give the denture stability, so that it is less likely to shift and move in mouth. To fit an ovedenture, natural teeth usually need to be reshaped. Or dental implants are placed and the overdentures sits on the implants.

Dentures may be made from plastic, metal or a combination of both plastic and metal.

Partial Dentures

Complete Dentures



Pros of dentures

  • Dentures improve appearance in replacing missing gaps
  • Dentures add support for facial structures
  • Dentures helps with chewing and eating food relative to having missing gaps
  • Dentures are normally a more economical option to dental implants or dental bridges

Cons of dentures

  • Dentures need to be removed daily for cleaning and should not be worn during sleep
  • Dentures may also move during eating (especailly for complete dentuers) becuase they rest on a smaller surface of bone
  • Dentures require proper care and some maintenance to prevent mouth problems, sores, infections and bad breath
  • Upper dentures tend to interfere with speech
  • Dentures do take a while getting used to
  • Ill-fitting dentures may cause bleeding gums
  • Dentures tend to accelerate bone loss that in-turns make wearing detures moer uncomfortable in the long-run later years
  • Dentures will likely need to be adjusted and relined periodically and replaced approximately every 3 to 5 years

Due to numerous issues associated with dentures, dental implant supported dentures or dental implant crowns/bridge replacement teeth are increasingly done. View pros and cons of dental implants over dentures.


Complete or partial dentures still can be of great benefit to people who have lost all or most of their teeth. When getting dentures, make sure you go to a qualified dentist, who is experienced in the fitting of dentures. Cheap dentures may not be as well-fitting or may not last as long. Good yet affordable dentures, which do not compromise on quality, are the best choice for most people.

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