Full Mouth Dental Implants

Full jaw dental implantation are done for cases where patients has no existing teeth or for cases that require the removal of all existing teeth. A combination of full arch dental teeth implants options may be done in reconstructing both arches allowing patients to have new set of teeth improving quality of life.

implant-dentures-with-ball-2Dental Implantation + Overdentures

For dental implantation with dentures, the implant posts acts as anchors in retening the overdentures in place. Implant-supported overdentures retends the full dentures in place and prevents slipping and sliding during chewing and talking associated with conventional full dentures. Dental implantation with dentures are removable prosthetic options.

implant-bridge-step-4Dental Implantation + Dental Bridges

For dental implantation with dental bridges, the implant posts acts as new tooth roots with a fixed dental bridges over the dental implants. With this dental implant teeth option, it is simliar to having a new set of teeth on the dental implants and are fixed prosthetic options.

all-on-4-implant-step-4All-on-4 and All-on-6

All-on-4 and All-on-6 are immediate function implant tooth options simliar to having fixed acrylic teeth on the implant posts. All-on-4 and all-on-6 dental implants are graftless dental implants solutions. And suited for overseas cases requiring a new set of teeth within one trip.

zygoma-implant-step-3Zygoma Dental Implants

Zygoma dental implant surgery are done only for the upper jaw and suited for cases with severe bone resorption or bone loss. Zygoma dental implants are very long titanium implants posts placed up into the zygoma area (or cheek bone area) allowing a new set of teeth to be built on the dental implants.

Dental Implant Surgery for Full Mouth Dental Implants

Conventional full mouth dental implants options includes :

Smiliar to full arch dental implantation, conventional full mouth implants are done over 2 to 3 trips depending on bone conditions. If there is mild to moderate boneloss, conventional full mouth dental implants are done in 2 trips. If there is moderate and severe boneloss, then bonegrafting is done as a separate trip before the first stage implant post placement is done done in 3 trips.

  Conventional full mouth dental implants
No to mild boneloss
With mild to moderate boneloss
With moderate to severe boneloss
2 trips
2 trips
3 trips

Conventional full mouth dental implants procedure are established tried and tested methods with long historical success cases reports and statistics. Alternatively, immediate function dental implants procedure may also be done with:

Immediate function implants are graftless solutions suited for cases with little back bone support and whereby a new set of teeth is obtained within one trip.

  Immediate Function Full Mouth dental implants
No to mild boneloss
With mild to moderate boneloss
With moderate to severe boneloss
1 trips
1 trips
1 to 2 trips

A commonly asked questions is on full mouth dental implants costs in Thailand. The total costs of treatment will vary based on:

  • implant brand and implant range. Each implant brand may have various implant ranges with different material properties that can affect faster osseointegration with jaw bone and/or long-term durability
  • whether conventional or immediate function implants technique is opted
  • the number of implants required per jaw sufficient for biting load  pressure
  • your chosen final prostheses on removable dentures, fixed dentures (all-on-4) or fixed full bridges
  • bone condition to determine if additional bonegrafting or sinus lift is required

In general the costs of full mouth dental implants will normally entail at least 2 large x-rays, set of dental implants and medications fees. Certain dental clinics split their implant posts and implant crowns costs. So when getting a implant cost quote, be sure to ask your dentist for the total cost of full mouth dental implants that would include both implant procedural stages.

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