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BioHorizons is the fastest growing oral reconstructive device company in North America as a result of our commitment to providing the most comprehensive line of evidence-based, scientifically proven dental implants and tissue regeneration solutions.

Founded in 1994 as an incubator company at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, BioHorizons has grown into one of the largest dental implant companies in the world, with over 1,000 employees.

BioHorizon is the only company with Laser-Lok, a surface technology proven to attach & retain crestal bone and achieve connective tissue attachment.


Range of BioHorizon Implants


Tapered Internal BioHorizon Implants

The Tapered Internal implants features the proprietary Laser-Lok microchannels and patented reverse buttress threads on an anatomically tapered implant body. The Tapered Internal Implant also includes the value and simplicity of the esthetic 3inOne™ prepable titanium abutment, with the same 1.5mm deep internal hex connection as the Internal and Single-stage Implants.


Single-stage BioHorizon Implant

Single-stage is placed using the same surgical kit as the Internal (two-stage) Implant and also shares its internal hex connection. This flexibility allows clinician to choose the implant design that best suits each particular case.


External BioHorizon Dental Implants

External also features the included 3inOne prepable titanium abutment, coupled with the time-proven 1mm high external hex. Modified-square threads have been proven to provide higher bone-to-implant contact and reverse-torque values than v-thread designs.


One-piece 3.0 BioHorizon Dental Implant

One-piece 3.0 with its integrated crown & bridge abutment is specifically indicated for replacing maxillary laterals and mandibular incisors.

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