Teeth-in-an-hour Dental Implants

Teeth-in-an-hour tooth implants is a concept that provides patients with an immediate functioning tooth or teeth on dental implants in one single session.

The Teeth-in-an-Hour is a dental implant surgery system that streamlines the tooth implant treatment process. The system incorporates the CT Scans and 3-D imaging software to accurately assess bone structure, map out the areas of best integrity, and create a permanent prosthesis prior to the tooth implant surgery. Thus the on the day of the actual dental implant surgery, the implant post is placed and the prosthetics loaded on immediately (immediate loaded implants).

Teeth-in-an-hour tooth implants may be done in 2 trips. First trip for the dental implant assessment, CT Scan and planning. A second trip for the actual tooth implant post placement and fitting of prosthetics on implants.


Why Teeth in an hour Implant Procedure

  • enables fabrication of a final prosthesis prior to the surgery
  • possibility for flapless surgery enabling less post operative discomfort, less swelling and less bruising
  • immediate function
  • No temporaries
  • Greatly reduced healing time


Teeth in an hour Implants Procedure


Diagnosis and asessment planning

Dental Implants Procedure 1

Diagnosis and planning to determining if teeth-in-an-hour concept is suited for the candidate



Dental Implants Procedure 2

First round of CT Scan is done. Data is then input into the computer for dental implant treatment planning.



Dental Implants Procedure 3

A second CT Scan is done with markers in obtaining data for the surgical template and final prosthetic planning. The data is then sent overseas for the template and final prosthetic to be fabricated.


All-on-4 Dental Implants Procedure 2

Dental Implants Procedure 4

After delivery of surgical template and final prosthetics. The actual implant post placement is done using the surgical template.



Dental Implants Procedure 5

Immediately thereafter, the final prosthetics is also fitted after implant post placement.


Factors to consider for teeth-in-an-hour implants

  • sufficient bone stability for immediate loading of tooth implants
  • requires visitation for pre-planning and CT Scan stage prior to having teeth-on-an-hour implant session

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