Zygoma Dental Implants

Zygoma dental implants or zygomatic implants are done for the edentulous upper jaw where there is severe bone resorption in the maxilla (or upper jaw) where bone condition has insufficient anchorage for prosthesis (fixed bridges or overdentures). The zygomatic dental implants provide such cases with a permanent solution involving minimal surgical procedures at reduced treatment time, without sacrificing their expectations of success. Zygoma implant presents a unique alternative for rehabilitating the severely resorbed maxilla, with only one surgical procedure and without the need for grafting.   Zygoma Implants The zygoma dental implant treatment is done in 1 phase:

  1. Tooth extraction (if required)
  2. Implant post placement
  3. Make and Fit Prosthetics on implant

With the zygoma dental implant technique, teeth is extraction and the implant post placed during the same surgical visit. A fixed acyrlic bridge is fabricated and functioning within 1 to 2 days after surgery. The timeline for zygoma dental implants is thus completed within one trip.

Why zygomatic dental implant treatment

  • zygoma implants may be done for severe bone resorption cases
  • zygoma implant presents a graftless solution
  • zygomatic implants immediate function and short treatment time

Zygomatic dental implants treatment


Dental Implants Procedure 1

Diagnosis and planning for panoramic x-rays and necessary health checks.   zygoma-implant-step-2

Dental Implants Procedure 2

Tooth extraction (if required) and dental implant post placement   zygoma-implant-step-3

Dental Implants Procedure 3

Fabricate hybrid bridges and fit on implant posts. Adjust and re-check on proper bite.

Factors to consider for Zygoma-implant

  • Clinically symptom free and pathology free sinuses
  • Appropriate radiographic imaging of the maxillary sinuses and zygoma regions
  • Possibility of placing at least two ordinary implants in the frontal maxilla

Zygoma Case Done with BIDC

Upper Zygomatic Implants and Full Lower Bridge Implants   Zygoma Case

Diagnoses: Poor Prognosis of Upper and Lower Teeth

Treatment : Zygoma implants and implants with hybrid fixed bridges on upper arch;

fixed bridges on implants on lower arch

Patient Country : Europe

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