Same Day Dental Implant

Same Day Dental Implant

  1. Tooth extraction
  2. Implant post placement
  3. Make and Fit Prosthetics on implant

With a same day implant procedure, phase 1 and 2 are done during the same surgical visit. This means that a patient has new tooth roots in place on the same day the tooth is removed. Whether phase 3, whereby the crown, bridge or dentures, on implant is loaded during the same period (i.e. immediate loaded implants) will be dependent on bone and case conditions. Provisional tempories (such as partial denture, full denture or temporary bridge) may be worn during the healing phase so that the individual is with teeth at all times.

Why same day dental implant procedure

  • immediate implants are placed in one simple procedure with the need for a second periodontal uncovering process
  • jawbone does not deteriorate after tooth extraction
  • the patient undergoes less treatment timings at the dentist office meaning shorter treatment time, less trauma to the patient and an overall better patient experience


Contra-indications for same day implant procedure

Your dentist or periodontist need to perform a comprehensive assessment before determing if immediate dental implants are suited for each individual’s case. Immediate implants requires:

  • Adequate bone that is able to support the dental implant
  • Scrupulous good oral hygiene
  • Good general overall health
  • Absence of teeth grinding habits
  • Willingness to adhere to a soft diet for 8 to 12 weeks post surgery

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