3i Dental Implants

logo-3iBIOMET 3i™ emphasizes its specialization in the oral reconstruction marketplace. The company is headquartered in Florida, USA. Implant Innovations Inc (3i) was co-founded in 1987 merged with Biomet and 3i in forming Biomet 3i. Today Biomet 3i offers a comprehensive lines of implants and abutments.

Range of 3i Implants


NanoTite™ The NanoTite implant incorporates the complex architecture at the nano-scale allowing a bone bonding surface. NanoTite implants results in signifciantly enhanced integration compared to osseoTite control implants. NanoTite dental implants may be use for immediate function on single/multiple tooth applications when good primary stability is achieved. The addition of the PREVAIL Platform Switching™ Feature to the NanoTite dental implant enables the preservation of crestal bone and soft tissue for optimal aesthetic outcomes.



For more than 10 years, the OsseoTite 3i implants has proven to be a predictable and well-research surface for increased osteogenesis. The OsseoTite surfaces strengthens the clot/implant attachment with the implant’s micro-surface features. The 3i implant hybrid surface design minimizes the possibility of soft tissue infection or peri-implantitis by maintain and proven soft tissue friendly machine surface in contact with the soft tissue. The OsseoTite 3i dental implants thus allows superior load distribution and soft tissue health.

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