Full Fixed Bridge on Dental Implants

Implant-supported fixed bridges are similiar to have a new set of teeth or fixed bridges on dental implants post. An implant-supported fixed bridge is not removable and thus easier to maintain. An implant supported fixed brdiges may be done in either the upper or lower jaw. 4 Implants + Fixed Bridge 4 Implants + Fixed Bridge   6 Implants + Fixed Bridge 6 Implants + Fixed Bridge

Benefits of Dental Implant Supported Bridges

  • attractive prosthetic solution similiar to having a new set of teeth
  • enables individuals to speak more easily relative to dentures
  • fixed prosthesis that is non-removable, no worries on removable prosthetics
  • feels natural


Full Fixed Bridges on Dental Implants Procedures

A conventional dental implants procedure is normally followed for a full fixed bridge on dental implants as below:   Diagnosis and asessment planning

Dental Implants Procedure 1

Diagnosis and planning to determinine if implant-suported fixed bridges are suited for case.     Bone Graft

Dental Implants Procedure 2

If there is bone loss, bone grafting is done in building up the bone. For mild to moderate bone loss, bone grafting is done during the same surgical visit when the implant post is placed. For severe bone loss, bone grafting is done as a separate phase and left to heal for several months before proceeding to the 1st stage implant post placement.   implant-bridge-step-03

Dental Implants Procedure 3

The dental implant post are placed into the edentulous jaw. The dental implants are then normally left to heal for a period of time ranging for about 2 months or more. During the healing period, existing full dentures may be modified or a new set of temporary full dentuers made for wear so that the patient is with teeth at all times.   implant-bridge-step-04

Dental Implants Procedure 4

During the final phase, the final permanent fixed bridges are fabricated and fitted on to the dental implant posts. The bridge are the adjusted and checked for a proper fit. Individuals requiring a more economcial dental implant option in replacing an edentulous jaw or full arch missing teeth may also consider having implant-suported dentures.

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