Post Care Instructions for Dental Implants

Diet dental implant post care

  • after surgery, eat nourishing semi-liquids food that can be eaten comfortably.
  • avoid extremely hot foods and liquid.
  • soft foods during the first 6 days is recommended in to avoiding food particles from contaminating the implant surgery site
  • After each meal, rinsed thoroughly with warm saline solution, half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water, or mouthwash containing chlorhexidine


Managing bleeding dental implants post care

  • a gauze pack is normally given to you that is applied on the surgical site(s) to limit bleeding while clotting takes place.
  • The gauze packs should be left in place for about 30 minutes after the implant surgery.
  • Bite down softly on the gauze, making sure they remain in place.
  • Continue to change the gauze packs every 30 minutes if there is continual bleeding.
  • To replace gauze, fold a clean piece into a pad thick enough to bite on.
  • Bleeding should never be severe. If the bleeding does not stop, please do contact us at BIDC.


Managing swelling implant post care

  • place covered ice packs or a cold compress applied for a period of half hour to the face over the surgery site to reduce any chance of swelling
  • apply 30 minutes on and 30 minutes off
  • When lying down, elevate the head with an extra pillow during the first 2 nights after surgery to reduce swelling


Managing pain implants post care

  • The length of time whereby the numbness wears off will depending on the type and amount of anaesthetic received.
  • While mouth is numb, do be careful not to bite on your cheek, lip or tongue.
  • The numbness will subside within a few hours.
  • Tablets for pain relief should be taken as necessary and according to any given instructions by your dentist.
  • If pain persists, please contact us at BIDC.


Managing infection dental implant post-care

  • The mouth should be thoroughly rinsed with warm saline solution or mouthwash containing chlorhexidine after each meal to reduce the chance of infection.
  • Placethe solution in your mouth and gently rotate your head from side to side.
  • do not swish aggressively
  • complete the course of antibiotics as prescribed according to the given instructions


Healing dental implants post-care

  • After an implant placement, a blood clot forms in the surgical area that is a normal part of the healing process.
  • avoid activities that might disturb the surgical area.
  • Do not rinse your mouth vigorously or probe the area with any objects or your fingers.
  • Do not smoke or drink through a straw for 72 hours following your surgery as these activities create suction in the mouth, which could dislodge the clot and delay healing.
  • drink some fluids or use a wet washcloth and wipe your tongue, but please stay away from the surgical area.
  • Avoid strenuous activity for the first 24 hours after your procedure. This will reduce bleeding and help the blood clot to form
  • apply Vaseline or lanolin to the lips for the first two days to prevent lips from drying or cracking.


Oral Hygiene post dental implant surgery

  • Begin your normal oral hygiene routine as soon as possible on day 2 or 3 after surgery.
  • Soreness and swelling may not permit vigorous brushing of all areas, but do make every effort to clean your teeth within the bounds of comfort

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