Cost of Single Dental Implant

The dental implant cost quotated are inclusive of the 2nd stage an abutment and crown with the implant post with standard crowns. The cost of x-rays, teeth extraction, bonegrafting and temporary prosthetics are charged separately if required.

At listed bangkok dental implant clinics, ALL dental implant cases are treated by certified implantologist specialists graduated from USA, UK or Australia, each with over 10 years experience in their field. All dental implant costs are standardized nett prices with no hidden tax, credit card or consultation surcharges that other clinics may impose. There is a sterilization fees of 150 to 250 baht per visit at these dental offices for stringent sterilization and infection prevention and control protocols in place. 

Single Dental Implants Promotions

For single implants, conventional standard tooth implants or immediate placement implants may be done. The below dental implant prices quoted already includes the dental implant surgery fees, implant post, abutment and crown over implant.

Conventional implants are normally paid over 2 installments. Your implant treatment fees is therefore separated into 2 phases payments.

  1. 1st stage implant post placement
  2. 2nd stage prostheses over implant

Some clinics may list out only the 1st stage implant costs stating the cost of dental implant treatment without the crown or prostheses. For your dental implant to function and be used for chewing, both phases will need to be completed. When determining whether to opt for dental implants or other missing teeth replacement solutions like dental bridges or dentures, you will have to factor in both stages of dental implant costs.

There are a variety of or ranges of implant systems within each brand. The costs of implant for your case is based on the range of implant chosen. Ranges include:

  1. Titanium Dental Implants
  2. Roxolid Dental Implant
  3. Active Surface Implants

Below are the typical general costs of implants (quoted in thai baht) at Bangkok dental Implant clinics. You may like to check with each office for an most up-to-date treatment fees. Dental implant prices at other dental clinics may also differ.


Titanium Implant Fees


Roxolid Implants Fees


One day implants fees (Immediate load implants)

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