General Dental Implant Procedures

When getting dental implant treatment, there are general dental implant procedures done during dental implant treatment summarized below:

all-on-6-implant-step-1Dental Implant Procedure 1 : Diagnosis and asessment planning

Prior to dental implant treatment, a detailed diagnostic investigation on general medical and oral health as well as bone condition is done. X-rays are normally taken at this stage in accessing bone voulme dental implant post positioning.


Dental Implant Procedure 2 : Building up the bone (optional)

If the available bone volume and bone quality are insufficient, the bone vlume is built up using bone grafts if required. If there is good and sufficient bone quality, this dental implant procedure step is skipped and dental implant post placement is done.

dental-implant-step-3Dental Implant Procedure 3 : Dental Implant Post Placement The actual dental implant post implantation is completed in one session. With correct preparation and implementation, the dental implant treatment risks are minimal. Dental implants are usually inserted under local anesthetic as an outpatient procedure. Dental implant post placement may also be done under general anesthesia if preferred.

dental-implant-step-4Dental Implant Procedure 4 : Healing Period To provide a stable basis for the new tooth implant in the long term, the dental implant post must knit firmly with the bone. The healing period lasts on average between 6-8 weeks on average for conventional cases depending on the medical situation and bone quality. Regular and conscientious oral hygiene is crucial for successful healing. If proper cleaning and care are followed, the healing period normally passes without problems, produces no pain or other complaints.


Dental Implant Procedure 5 : Final Prosthetics

After the healing period, the dental prosthetics (crown, bridge or dentures) or new teeth are made and inserted onto the dental implant posts. In a certain cases, placement of the dental prosthetics may be possible after insertion of the tooth implant or teeth implants. Your dentist will decide if this is an option.  

dental-implant-step-6Dental Implant Procedure 6 : Care and Check-ups

Good oral hygiene and checkups with your local dentists are essential for the long-term success of dental implants. Apart from dental care at home, professional implant and tooth cleaning are recommended at regular bi-annual intervals or as and when required.

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