Dental Implant Prices

The quoted prices of dental implant treatment should always include:


  1. Titanium dental implant post
  2. Abutment
  3. Crown

Certain dental clinics do quote separate treatment fees for the 1st stage dental implant post and 2nd stage abutment plus crown on implants. Different brands and models within dental implant system brand will also have varying pricings due to brand historical success rates, ADA seal of approval and patented materials.

Listed on this website are some of Thailand’ top bangkok dental implant clinics and their dental implant pricing ranges. All dental implant cases from these clinics are verified as treated by dental implant specialists.

Bangkok Interational Dental Center (BIDC) and its dental clinics has always been a well-reputed team of implantologists in Thailand. With a 15 year history, each implantologists has over 10 years of experience in the specific field of implantology. Dental implant price are kept transparent and has one fixed standardized pricings for patient reference and non-discrimationatory pricings.  BIDC main office on Ratchadapisek is the first dental center in Thailand with the American Joint Comission International (JCI) gold standard with strict sterilization controls and infection prevention and controls.

Bangkok International Dental Hospital (BIDH) on Ploenchit is one of the most advance and specialized dental hospital. Focusing only on dentistry, sedation options are available for pain-free dental implant treatments. Patients are able to opt for overnight stay at their dental implant clinic that has registered nurses on standby in taking care of patients post oral surgery and sedation.

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