Top Dental Implant Clinics in Thailand

1. Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) as a Dental Implant Center

Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) is one of the largest dental clinic in Thailand. Located at Ratchadapisek area, the dental implant center is the first dental center in Thailand to received the Joint Commission International (JCI) since 20012. It is also ISO 9001 certified by UKAS. Award-winning Dental Center in Thailand

Official Straumann Dental Implant Training Center

BIDC is an official authorized dental implant center and dental implant training center for Straumann dental implant systems. Its team of dental specalists comprises of one of the highest number of ITI Struamann fellows and scholar implant specialists. This means that implantologists at BIDC are international speakers for Straumann at their international conferences. A number of their Straumann implantologists are also professors or lecturers who conduct implant courses in training other dentist locally and around the world. ITI Struamann implants currently have the one of the highest historical success rate of case studies in comparison with other dental implant systems on the market. The SLA Straumann implant range has a seal of approval by the American Dental Assoication (ADA). BIDC holds annual training courses to implantologist around the country on updated case study reports and new implant techniques and developments utlizing the latest materials and technologies. Dental implant treatments has now been dramatically reduced from months to weeks and now in certains cases within days. See their BIDC Location Map

Dental Implant Dentist

Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC)

157 Ratchadapesik Rd. Din Daeng District, Bangkok 10400 | Tel : +66 (2) 692 4433 (Enquiries)  | Tel : +66 (2) 245 0055 (Booking)  | Email : | Website : Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC) at Ratchadapisek

BIDC Dental Clinic at Siam Paragon

Room 232 2nd Floor – North Colonnade Plaza area  991 Siam Paragon Mall, Rama 1 Rd. Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 |  Tel : +66 (2) 610 9630 |  Email :

BIDC Dental clinic at Emquartier

4 Floor – Room 4A11, Building A (Helix Building) Emquartier Shopping Mall 643 Sukhumvit Rd., Watthana Bangkok 10110  | Tel : +66 (2) 003 6322  | Email :

Chaingmai International Dental Center (CIDC)

11 Nimmanahaemin Soi 3 Nimmanahaemin Rd, Suthep, Muang District, Chiang Mai 50200  |  Tel : +66 52-089-323  | Email :  |  Website : Chiang mai International Dental Center (BIDC) at Nimman

2. BIDH Dental Hospital

Another dental implant center in Thailand that has a strong-hold with top tier implant dentists is at Bangkok International Dental Hospital (BIDH). Despites having a simliar name to BIDC, there are a difference between the 2 dental implant centers. BIDH is an official full-fledged licensed specialized dental hospital in Thailand and is one of the newest, latest as well as largest dental center in the country. bidh dental hospital thailand BIDH’s implant and oral surgeon team compromises of internationally graduated specialists from USA, UK and Germany who are board certified. The dental hospital focuses on digital dentistry and patient safety.  Implant systems used at BIDH are mainly Nobel Biocare and Straumann implants that are the two most popoular implant systems around the world whereby your international dentists around the world are familiar for any required followup treatment and post treatment care. BIDH’s dental implant clinic and oral surgery clinic provides for general anaesthesia and sedative options with in-patient care. This means that patients are to seek dental implants, regardless of single or full jaw treatment while being put to sleep. Both BIDC and BIDH are unlike other general dental clinics in Thailand in that both implant centers uses specialist referral system.  This means that all dental implants cases are treated only by certified implantologists and not by general dentists.

Bangkok International Dental Hospital (BIDH)

98 Sukhumvit Soi 2, Khlong Toei, Ploenchit area, Bangkok 10110 Entrance via both Soi Duang Phithak Rd and Sukhumvit Soi 2 Tel : +66 95-517-1587 Email : Website : BIDH Dental Hospital at Ploenchit

What differentiates each dental implant center?

1. Dental Implant Dentist Qualifications and Experience

Having a clean sterilized environment, modern facilities and technologies at dental clinic and hospital facilities are some considerations factors taken into account when choosing your implant clinic. We have listed the above dental implant centers due to well-reputed and well-qualified team of implantologists. Dentist qualifications listing indicates an experienced team of implantologists that with historical evidence on having done numerous major implant cases for overseas patients including full-mouth rehabilitation and bonegrafting cases galleries. Many of the implantologists are lecturers or ex-lecturers in implantology at their universities. Each of them with over 10 years of experience in their field of specialization.

2. Dental Implant Dental Laboratories and Technicians

The aesthetic of prosthetics on dental implants (crowns, bridges and dentures on dental implants) can only be as good if there is a good dental technician backing your implantologist. Both locations has an on-site dental implant laboratories for their dental implant prosthetics and cosmetic porcelain labworks. Dental laboratories enable better quality-contolled aesthetics labworks, allows immediate chairside shade selection and adjsutments as well as gaining the speed and efficiency required in handling overseas international cases. BIDC’s on-site dental lab is the first fully digitalized CAD/CAM laboratory that is able to digital customized Straumann abutments. So, patients who have completed their first stage Straumann dental implants are able to cater the positioning and angulation of their crown, bridge prostheses precisely to their specific needs. This ables the implant prosthodontist a better aesthetic end result and exact required bite  and height. Dental Laboratories

 3. Long-term implant success rate track records

Dental implants has recently become the norm for missing teeth replacement. Implant materials, techniques, methodologies for implant treatment has evolved making your dental implant treatment shorter, more comfortable, less invasive, ever safer and more effective. Both BIDC and BIDH uses only well-established dental implant brands and systems ranges  carried world-wide. BIDC is a top provider for Straumann dental implants. Their team of dentists boast the placement of one of  largest number of dental implants annually in Thailand. As an implant training, their team of dentists continously updates their techniques corresponding using evident-base and digitalized technologies for patient safety and improved success rates. Reported implant survival rates at BIDC is above world-benchmark of more than 96%  over its past 9 years of tracking case data placement more than tens of thousands of implant cases.

4. Facilities and Advance Implant Technologies

Another point of differientation as top dental clinics in thailand is the completeness of facilities and technologies for various dental implant options at BIDC and BIDH. The thailand dental centers provides for digitalized 3D CT scans,  computerized implant planning software and digital surgical guide concepts under one dental center. Typical dental implant ranges treated and offered include active surface implants (Straumann SLActive and NobelActive) as well as Roxolid implants (higher in strength to titanium implants).

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