Dental Implant Systems

the most popular dental implant brands used at BIDC dental clinics are as below.


Schilli Implantology Circle

PI Branemark

There are a variety of dental implant systems available on the market. Each dental implant system varies with branding, patented technology and materials, hisotrical case success rates and implant system establishment. Within each dental implant system brand, there are also various models of tooth implants. Below are the list of popular dental implants system brands:



Straumann Switzerland


Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare  Sweden/USA


AstraTech Sweden


BioHorizon  USA


Intralock USA

3i Implant

3i USA


Zimmer USA


Bicon USA

There are only 7 dental implant systems with a seal of approval by ADA on the market. Namely, Straumann implants, Nobel Biocare’s Branemark model andAstraTech implants being most popularly implemented and researched ADA approved implant systems. Please do consult with your implantologist on which type of tooth implant system might be best suited for yur case.

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